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Made an appointment to talk to my manager tomorrow to get into detaily type things.

Happy, [ profile] davitant?

Now stop harassing me. :P
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There may or may not be an Epic Plan potentially in progress.

It may or may not require me to pack up all my crap by the end of the summer. Bleah.

But then I'll have an awesome cross-country drive (yay, never done that before :D) with a cat (He's never done it before either D:).

And then I'll be in California. :3
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I'm on a plane. I'm on a plane. Look at me mother fucker cause I'm sittin on a plane.

Not quite as catchy...

Obviously this is going to be posted after the fact. I can't really post this when I'm on the plane cause hi, I'm in airplane mode and all.

So. Insomnia of excitement and vacation last night. Figure I got about an hour and a half of sleep. WINNING.

I was excited because there is magical direct tv on this plane, then they told us it's $7.99 for it. Myeh. I have lots of cartoons on my iPad to watch. :3

My row buddy (center seat is empty~) is a very nice old lady.

Right. I've had about another hour and a half of sleep. Feel a little better. I bought one of the boxes o' snacks, and I'm getting hungry. Snacktime~

Snacks almost all gone. Coffee time. Hope it isn't as horrible as what I got from McDonalds. That was definitely a bluh bluh situation.

Just about an hour forty to go. And I just figured out how to turn off the tv screen so it stops showing ads. *facepalm*

We're in the desert somewhere. Kinda pretty.

Hey. :D They just told us we're over Meteor Crater. I've been there! I have very distinct memories of being in the parking lot, and someone's lights were on. So I memorized the plate number so I could tell someone inside.


Beginning final descent. It's like being stuck in that first drop on a rollercoaster.

And here! Guys. There are palm trees outside. O_o

I really need to visit the Room of Requirement. >_>

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In two days I will be hovering in the air somewhere over the Midwest.
What did my countdown start at?
Commence panicking and flailing now.

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It's gotten to the point where I'm trying to finalize plans. Looks like David'll be staying in the OC possibly weds/thurs before he goes down to San Diego for a con, then again Sunday night. Disney all together will have to be Monday. Dinner will probably have to be Wednesday night. Our dinner either Thursday or Sunday, I guess? *flail* I need to work this out, but he's working ridiculous hours this week on a project that coming due.

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Less than two weeks till my flight takes off. 14 days and two hours till I land. >_>

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I want it to be march now. Want. Want to go on vacation. Now.

Had a Skype call with [ profile] emmy_roo and [ profile] davitant yesterday planning for the trip. I am so ready to get out there. So ready.

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Is it march yet?

I mean, I still need to get my tickets and all.

But he knows when I plan to be out there. And so do [ profile] davitant and [ profile] emmy_roo. :3

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