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And then he calls today and we talk AS IF NOTHING EVER HAPPENED.

Of course, he was on the way home after 23 hours straight at work (deploying a website on very limited time constraints is STRESSFUL) and half-asleep and chugging red bull (ew) to stay awake.
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In two days I will be hovering in the air somewhere over the Midwest.
What did my countdown start at?
Commence panicking and flailing now.

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It's gotten to the point where I'm trying to finalize plans. Looks like David'll be staying in the OC possibly weds/thurs before he goes down to San Diego for a con, then again Sunday night. Disney all together will have to be Monday. Dinner will probably have to be Wednesday night. Our dinner either Thursday or Sunday, I guess? *flail* I need to work this out, but he's working ridiculous hours this week on a project that coming due.

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I want it to be march now. Want. Want to go on vacation. Now.

Had a Skype call with [ profile] emmy_roo and [ profile] davitant yesterday planning for the trip. I am so ready to get out there. So ready.

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Bet you'll never guess when we started talking. >_>

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Is it march yet?

I mean, I still need to get my tickets and all.

But he knows when I plan to be out there. And so do [ profile] davitant and [ profile] emmy_roo. :3

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I totally just got scolded into going to sleep. And he wouldn't hang up till I said I was actually in bed. XD

Still on my phone though, so fail. >_>

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Awkward is when he starts talking about his past and it makes you wonder, "Well, why the hell is he interested in me then? I don't compare to that at all."

And then you realize he doesn't care about that. And it makes you feel special anyway.

He was away this weekend for a LARP thing with his friends. I didn't realize how much we'd been in touch until he was gone for two days...


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