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10/26/05 8:00 PM
Verizon is fired!

Fired fired fired!

(Read as: not only did they not show up during their scheduled time, they simply neglected to come at all today. Asshats.)

10/27/05 4:35 PM

Aight. So they said they were going to come sometime today. Right. Never happened. Mom got frustrated and called Verizon's customer "service" number, which stated that oh, since we had all that rain, we're just now getting to people who were scheduled 2 days ago. And we're starting to make phone calls now to that effect.

Um. Hello? Mom called this morning, and they said someone would be out today. Why couldn't they tell her that this morning?


So then they told her that the next available time would be Saturday. I'm standing there thinking WTF, we were scheduled YESTERDAY, not today... why do we have to wait 2 more days? But of course, she won't be home on Saturday- has a meeting to go to -_- and I have to be at work all day. So they scheduled for Sunday, at which time Dad will be home. I pity the poor technician who comes out to the house on Sunday. He will so be getting the smack laid down.

approximately 10 minutes later...

yeah. So we got a phone call a couple minutes later from a technician, wanting to know how to get to our house. and by 5:45 or so, we had a working phone and DSL line. yay!


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