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1) It's raining.

2) I hate thunder. :(

3) My knee is achy. :|

In other news, the keyboard on my laptop is nasty. I should go grab some Q-tips and the rubbing alcohol and take care of that.

I have been knitting far too much on my most recent lace stole (which I just picked up again last week randomly after it was hibernating for six months, and have since knit about 1/4 of the stole XD)

Kansas is on the radio.
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10/28/2007 I'm officially on vacation for a week!  

I get obsessive about being on the intarwebs when I'm bored.  

Oh, and I might actually get closer to finishing the awesome sweater I'm knitting. *ed. note* As of today, 11/1, it is sorta kinda on hold while I participate in NaKniSweMo. And maybe I'll finish Paper Mario, or play more Zelda.  I dunno yet. Can't remember the last time I had an ENTIRE WEEK to myself. *sigh* Guitar Hero usually bothers my wrist, although definitely my fingers do get irritated from the thingy in the middle of the buttons. *shrug* I'm not buying this one. Yet. I have Super Mario Galaxies on preorder, and it comes out on the 12.  

And I still have to finish Zelda, Metroid, and Paper Mario, anyway.  I went to the movies today. 
Am not amused by the people sitting in the row behind me who DID NOT STOP TALKING THE ENTIRE TIME.  Oh, did I mention there were only 6 people in the theater? There were 2 groups of people behind me, and they each were talking about the other group.  

Then I went to Target (Tarzhé) and bought lots of candy. \o/ yay for post-Halloween sales!  Did you know they made Jones Soda in half-can sizes in special Halloween flavors? I got Strawberry-sLime and Candy Corn. For 66¢. Woot.< Finished Anansi Boys today. I've only had the book for a year and a half. >_> Rather liked the ending.

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Yay, I'm all official!

My name is on the list of participants for the 2006 Knitting Olympics. I'm Jess F. who is making Mariah. Yay for hoodies!

Also, yay for buying (most of) the yarn last week during AC Moore's knitting party, which means that all yarn and "yarn accessories" were 25% off! I also got the Boye Needlemaster set, which is truly awesome. It is also (at AC Moore) regularly $69.99. <3 sales to death.
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Weather confuses the hell out of me.

Last week, the highs were constantly in the 50s.
Today, the high was in the mid 30s.
Tomorrow, the high is 39, but the low is only 36.
Freaking Wednesday, the high is 52.
And to make it more fun, there's a chance of ice (ew) tomorrow afternoon, leading into thunderstorms on Wednesday.

On the other hand, I ordered a whole lot of yarn online today. I got some nice wooly worstedy stuff in order to participate in an online knitalong. It's a gorgeous lace shawl...There's a picture behind the cut. ) Can't wait for the yarn to come. I also got some laceweight yarn for another shawl... and some sock yarn, for (omg, shock) socks.

And besides, is cheap. They get their yarn direct from the mills, so I paid $1.79 for a 100yd/50g ball of pure wool. Um... And there's free shipping for orders of $40 or more.
Oh, I almost forgot that I got yarn in order to make a purty fair isle vest, too. I'm going to be doing it in- surprise! the blue. I'm so booked for the next year. Not even counting all the yarn I already have in my stash. Two big rubbermaid buckets full. O_O

I'm almost finished with a bolero I've been working on-'s Blackberry. I'll have pictures when I'm done. I have to do all the seaming... ugh... and then a ribbed border. That'll take a bit... O_O
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It's a commercial break, so I'm taking time to post...

I started my Mark Cohen scarf 2 days ago. Yay. I'm currently in the 2nd full blue stripe. It's really quite boring... nothing but row after row of knit stitches. I may have to start a pair of socks to break up the monotony.

I bought three skeins of hand-dyed yarn from ebay last week, and it came today! I now have 3 bee-you-tee-ful skeins of sock yarn- blue, purply-green, and greeny-bluey-purple, just waiting to be used. But I also have 2 other skeins of sock yarn that are first in the queue.

K, the show's over now... as always, fastest hour in my LIFE!


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