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10/28/2007 I'm officially on vacation for a week!  

I get obsessive about being on the intarwebs when I'm bored.  

Oh, and I might actually get closer to finishing the awesome sweater I'm knitting. *ed. note* As of today, 11/1, it is sorta kinda on hold while I participate in NaKniSweMo. And maybe I'll finish Paper Mario, or play more Zelda.  I dunno yet. Can't remember the last time I had an ENTIRE WEEK to myself. *sigh* Guitar Hero usually bothers my wrist, although definitely my fingers do get irritated from the thingy in the middle of the buttons. *shrug* I'm not buying this one. Yet. I have Super Mario Galaxies on preorder, and it comes out on the 12.  

And I still have to finish Zelda, Metroid, and Paper Mario, anyway.  I went to the movies today. 
Am not amused by the people sitting in the row behind me who DID NOT STOP TALKING THE ENTIRE TIME.  Oh, did I mention there were only 6 people in the theater? There were 2 groups of people behind me, and they each were talking about the other group.  

Then I went to Target (Tarzhé) and bought lots of candy. \o/ yay for post-Halloween sales!  Did you know they made Jones Soda in half-can sizes in special Halloween flavors? I got Strawberry-sLime and Candy Corn. For 66¢. Woot.< Finished Anansi Boys today. I've only had the book for a year and a half. >_> Rather liked the ending.

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Yes. I couldn't hold out. >_>

I'm totally 3:45 into the game so far. That's three hours, BTW.

Balthier is totally hot. *eyebrow waggle* I think it's the British accent. *drool*

EDIT: I've played another hour and 15 minutes.
I am so going into the game, and pulling Balthier out of it. He's going to live with me now. And dammit, he's a pirate! A sky pirate, but a pirate nonetheless.

*wipes up the puddle of drool*


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